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Rising Sun

Realizing the future of Contract staffing and its foothold in IT industry, A&S Software Technologies, one of the leading players in contract staffing in Chennai forayed into staffing solutions way before many of its counterparts. Its expertise in Contract staffing is substantiated with a huge list of clientele who have retained their services over and again.

A&S boasts of a comprehensive and wide network and has proven its mettle in providing hi-end staffing to the leading IT MNCS. With an enviable record of providing top quality resources, A&S stands tall among the leading staffing providers in Chennai.

A&S believes in fostering a kind of organizational structure that enables all employees to come into close contact with all levels of management. Mr.K. Parameswaran of A&S quotes with an air of an experienced hand “our managers are also hands-on, experienced developers who participate in all phases of the project”.

Contract staffing

Contract staffing
or (Temping as it is called) in IT is a burgeoning industry and is changing the way recruitment is being handled by major MNCs. Companies no longer can afford to neglect their human assets, and have to stand up and take notice of their employees. Temporary staffing has come to stay and is driving the recruitment bandwagon.

Tempting Temping
Temping, a recently happening phenomenon has finally arrived in India. Contrary to the popular belief that contract staffing companies are being used for low cost labour, the primary motivation is the flexibility that this kind of staffing offers. The IT industry being a trend setter will witness a strong inflow of this staffing in the coming years.

Hassle free Hiring
As most of the organizations are narrowing on their core functions, outsourcing their non –core functions has become a trend. Contract staffing tops the bill as it is hassle free and provides manpower the ‘DELL ‘way, i.e. resources would be provided on a temporary basis as and when required without overheads. The manpower requirement is taken by the employee leasing company and the contracts generally range from three to six months. The ROI for the companies which employ such contract staffing services is guaranteed with long term cost benefits.

With the ‘Wellness wave’ working its magic, organizations are devouring resources. White collar techies, who are no less than demi gods are in great demand and the challenge of pouching them is well met by contract staffing. The quality and ease of hiring which Temping provides would make sure that it grows exponentially in the near future.